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Will Sarni: “Cyber security is critical for water utilities”


William Sarni is an international water strategy and innovation veteran, founder and CEO of Water Foundry, who has dedicated his entire career to supporting private and public-sector companies implement corporate-wide water strategies.

Currently working on a book titled: ‘Digital Water: New Technologies for a More Resilient, Secure and Equitable Water Future,’ he has also served as key author of Xylem and IWA’s recently released comprehensive white paper: ‘Digital Water: Industry Leaders Chart the Transformation Journey’. We speak to him about the potential of digital water and its future trends.

Question: You work with water technology companies as a strategy advisor and investor. What tips would you give a water tech start-up?

Answer: My tips are based upon my advisory role and investments in water technology companies:

Technology doesn’t sell itself;Ensure you understand your customer(s);Evaluate how your technology can be scaled across more than one industry vertical (multiple use cases);Focus on the quality of your team and business model(s); andBuild an ecosystem of partners.

Question: You are currently working on a book titled ‘Digital Water: New Technologies for a More Resilient, Secure and Equitable Water Future.’ What potential does digital water have?

Water technology innovation is essential but not without innovation in partnerships, financing and business models

Answer: I believe digital technologies are, and will continue to, transform the water sector and how other stakeholders relate to water. Digital technologies are transforming other sectors such as transportation, education, healthcare and energy; water will not be an exception. The recent report, Digital Water: Industry Leaders Chart the Transformation Journey highlights how far the water and wastewater utility sector has been transformed by digital technology solutions. Also, digital technologies will be essential in supporting the transformation of the water and wastewater utility sector as it explores how to scale “non-centralized” technologies such as air moisture capture and localized treatment systems.

The water utility sector is not alone in adopting digital technology solutions. For example, digital technologies are transforming the agricultural and industrial sectors. In particular, digital technologies are being deployed in the agriculture sector to improve water efficiency and nutrient management.

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