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The Future of Water

A Collection of Essays on “Disruptive” Technologies that May Transform the Water Sector in the Next 10 Years

AUTHORS: Will Sarni, Glenn T. Daigger, Nikolay Voutchkov and Upmanu Lall

Innovation is quickly and inevitably changing the way we think and provide infrastructure services. Processes are being transformed and boundaries across sectors shifted. In the era of smart homes and phones, big data and satellite imagery, how will innovation impact the water sector by 2030? This volume compiles the answers to this question from four experts on the field. In each individual essay, experts identify what they believe to be the key technological changes that will transform the sector and whether they have the potential to become “disruptive”. Attention is also paid to the context, as authors discuss which enabling conditions - e.g. regulation, policy, markets - would be necessary to encourage the adoption and mainstreaming of each technology.

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