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S3 Ep1: Scaling a start-up on lead detection in water with Ari Kaufman (Owning your s**t)

S3 Ep1 of "The Stream"


In this week’s episode, Will and Tom are joined by Ari Kaufman, Founder & CEO of Spout, who talks about his serial entrepreneur’s background of 25 years and why he decided to change track...

Kaufman discusses his experience in the 10.10.10 programme – 10 CEOS facing 10 wicked problems to come up with a market solution in 10 days and why he decided to tackle the lead contamination challenge after hearing about the potential impact on children’s IQ.

Kaufman also talks about why getting fired was the best thing to happen to him and how an inscription on a bullet-shaped pen about owning your mistakes has become a personal mantra he now lives by. Plus much much more! We hope you enjoy the episode.

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