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Business H2O: Water Innovation Summit

December 10-11 in Phoenix, AZ. Will Sarni will be attending. You are invited.

This forum is a joint production by the US Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Chamber of Commerce, and NewTech/Israel’s Ministry of Economy, and will bring together business leaders, government officials, and water experts for discussion on best practices in corporate water stewardship and water public policy.

They expect about 250+ conference attendees including corporate water users, i.e., sustainability executives at companies and C-level officials at companies that are big water users (i.e., manufacturers, F&B, energy), as well as state water policy leaders, and others in the broader ecosystem (i.e., NGOs, state officials) that are engaged in water governance issues. It will also draw from across the western US states, including Utah, Colorado, Texas, California, and Nevada, where we are working with our affiliates to bring in companies, government officials, and water administrators.

For more information about the forum and to register Click HERE



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